About Us

How is a passion or addiction formed in us? I believe it begins from pain, pleasure and/or perhaps some great satisfaction that you are making a difference. I get all of those things from my Barn Addiction. The pleasure of falling in love with a barn’s chippy paint, rusty hinges, tufts of fur left from an animal that once lived there. The huge imposing structure, the heartbeat of the farm, often having more importance than the house standing near it. After all, The Barn sheltered the families’ livelihood. All these thoughts make me fall in love with the barn.  

When I revisit my old friend and it is no longer there, pain and loss overwhelms me.  I literally feel sick, sick in my heart….Then I get busy creating! I make that barn into a work of art, an image to be remembered and cherished forever.

Like many people who are fond of barns, I have very clear memories of a special barn, my Uncle Hank’s Barn. He allowed me to explore his barn. Vivid memories of feeding the animals that lived there, the smell of the hay stored in the loft. All such special memories. 

Fast forward to me as an adult, 15 years ago. Selling real estate. One of my first listings was an acreage with a beautiful proud barn, an old farmhouse and other outbuildings. The once loved propery had fallen to disrepair, pristine flower beds that lined the buildings had become overgrown. The elderly woman who lived there went to a nursing home. She adored her farm and adored the barn that stood at the center. 

As I showed the property, each and every potential buyer stated they would burn the barn down. I was ashamed that I could not find a suitable owner to restore this farm place to its’ previous glory. And later, as proclaimed, the new owners burnt the barn down. 

Several years have passed and I am now obsessed with showing people the value of barns. By creating this website, I want to show you the wonderful things you can do with these fading grand structures. In turn, creating new fond memories for more generations to come. They do have value, they do have purpose, they deserve to be saved and enjoyed! Welcome to Barn Addict!