The Barn Antiques & Specialty Shops

The Barn Antiques & Specialty Shops

400 3rd Street Castle Rock, CO 80104

The Barn is filled with antiques, new furnishings, collectables, artwork, vintage, new home decor, clothing, jewelry and handmade.

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Several Individual Vintage Home and Lifestyle Boutiques are located in the Barn.

About Barn:

Two story historic barn in the middle of downtown Castle Rock, Colorado was built in 1905

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When you walk into The Barn you may feel many things. Among these feelings could be a sense of comfort…like you have come home. Many customers express these sentiments…it has come to be known as ‘Barn Therapy’. THIS PLACE, THIS BARN, IS A UNIQUE AND MAGICAL PLACE TO VISIT!

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10 AM - 6 PM


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10 AM - 6 PM


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10 AM - 6 PM


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10 AM - 6 PM


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10 AM - 6 PM


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10 AM - 6 PM


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10 AM - 6 PM

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The Barn Antiques & Specialty Shops

(303) 814-0066

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