Century Farm

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I have been photographing barns for over 15 years.

I knew sooner or later I would meet an owner of a barn I have photographed. It finally happened during a fall farm show in Iowa. I was selling my barn photography and antiques, when an older couple approach me. They told me their old barn was going to be demolished in the spring. They were ashamed, but explained of the many safety concerns and unfortunately it had to be done. The couple asked me if I could come out to photograph their barn. They proceeded to tell me where it was located and the man was especially proud that it is a century farm. The oldest barn in the area. It was home to many champion cart racing horses over the years. His eyes sparkled as he described his barn. As he spoke about his barn, it felt familiar to me, turns out, I knew it well, it was one of my first subjects!

I shared the image with them that I shot several years prior. They were delighted. Later that month, I revisited my old friend with at their invitation. I took my time, shooting many images. Marveling at the stone foundation, hand hewn timbers and pegs. The horse stalls with the chewed marks formed over many years. After my visit, I provided the owners with several images.

The next spring I received a call from the owners, inviting me back to help salvage what I could from my old friend. It was very sad....but I was grateful to say goodbye. All the old doors found their way to our antique store, and eventually they were sold one by one to be re-purposed. Every new owner learned about the barn that their door came from. Each piece I sold came with a twinge of pain in my heart. But it was the best I could do to honor the old barns memory. I kept one of the feed bunks for my personal treasure.

If you would like to share your barn memories please comment below. And if you have a special story you would like to share with the Barn Addict members feel free to reach out to me through email.


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