Go Wisconsin Barn Owners!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Wisconsin is taking Barn Saving very seriously. As I was leaving Four Winds Farm outside of Fitchburg, WI. I decided to take a right out of the drive and started down the highway. My eyes began scanning the countryside looking for large imposing structures. I have been taking barn pictures for over 10 years. My eyes are trained to recognize a barn from miles away.

I found my next target, from a very long distance. Standing proudly on a high point, bright red and white tin roof. I turned down the side road hoping it would lead me to the strong imposing barn. I came upon it and saw it had a beautiful natural stone foundation, looked to be a tobacco barn. I shot a few pictures from the road and along came a passer by, slowly driving passed me then pulled into the driveway of the barn and home. So I hopped in my car and followed to ask permission to photograph it closer from her property.

She was a sweet woman. She said she didn't know about her barn, and she really has no use for it. But she could not stand watching it fall apart. A couple years prior she had a roof put on it, and this past summer she had it painted, her son made the barn quilt for it.

I was happy to know this barn had an owner who cared. That is nice to see! Two barns being saved a few miles apart in Wisconsin!

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