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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Retired and trapped in Minnesota. I only publish my own photos, shot with the eye and processed with the heart of a former farm boy. Cambridge, MN.

Less sand remains to go through my life's hourglass than has already passed. Though I am still at work in the book publishing industry after 27 years, my life is really about people, especially family. God's faithfulness sustains me, my wife's love encourages me and my relationship with my children and their families gives me a reason each day to get up and be thankful. A native Minnesotan, I traveled 10,000 miles to the sun drenched beaches of Australia to find a girl that knew nothing of snow until it was too late. We have been happily married for over 37 years.

“Silent Whispers”

On a sultry summer day the stillness of the air accentuates the quietness surrounding a century old barn. No animals or birds interrupt the silence and only the whispers of the past curl around fading boards. As my years have lengthened I find fewer and fewer people who are interested in what I once did and my memories now dance slowly in solitude.

-in Henning, Minnesota. By: Henry Hintermeister © 2014

“While it Lasted”

A cacophony of sound once sounded throughout this farm site each October as the neighborhood men gathered to fill the two silos with the corn silage. When I was a youngster corn stalks were bundled in the field and loaded on hay racks and transported to the silo filler that would blow ground-up silage high into the pipes and it would then tumble down filling the silo.

-in Princeton, Minnesota. By: Henry Hintermeister © 2014

“Pretty Much Alone”

At the end of a seldom used path an old barn sits, closed up and waiting for something that will never happen. I am sure our community is not unique but I have observed many older people are rarely visited. Their endless days go by without even a greeting from a stranger. Younger family members are either absent or too busy to stop by.

-in Ham Lake, Minnesota. By: Henry Hintermeister © 2014

“It Came To Pass”

Several weeks ago, our area had a problematic late spring snowstorm and I drove through axle deep snow to photograph this historic barn clad in white. Now the snow has melted and it is spruced up in a green spring dress. One of life’s principles found 453 times in the Bible is the phrase “and it came to pass” We have problems but age-experience assures most of them don’t come to stay.

-Insanti, Minnesota. By: Henry Hintermeister © 2014

“Spring Trudge”

Spring greens have overtaken a barn and a path once trod by young farm lads and lasses. Spring time on our farm 60 years ago marked the end of the school year and the beginning of three months of hard physical labor under a hot sun. After my older brothers were emancipated and had left for newer horizons, I was left to do chores all alone. The walk from the bus at the end of our nearly half mild lane turned into a daily reluctant trudge as I faced the work ahead.

-in Lindstrom, Minnesota. By: Henry Hintermeister © 2014

Henry is a Published Author. If you would like to learn more about his writings follow this link.


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