Meet the Caretakers of "The Barn at Halo Hill" Part 1

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Introducing Chehalis and Arthur, caretakers of The Barn at Halo Hill. This is an unbelievably gritty story about two people who were determined to save their barn. Follow along as this couple inspires ALL Barn owners to dream big!

Chehalis and Arthur’s barn, also known as "The Barn of Halo Hill," was past the point of no return. Everyone said…“It will take too much money,” “It has no real use anymore”, “Build a brand new Barn” or “Salvage and sell the wood”. All of these were reasonable. But to save it? That was at the bottom of viable options.

On Christmas Eve 2016, a horrific event shook Chehalis and Arthur’s determination. It appeared that fate stepped in and made the difficult decision for them. Or, was there greater powers at work?

Follow along and see what happens to The Barn of Halo Hill. The story is still unfolding. Join our Barn Addict Community to get the latest updates. Also go to their FB Page

Image taken by Photographer Robert Sherman

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