Oh No! Another barn gone!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I find it interesting how we are set on a path and often we don't even know the purpose. Do you wonder that?

Before I was "Barn Addict" I was a Realtor and an Insurance inspector. If you read the "about" section in this website you will see the first instance that started me taking photos of barns.

This was the second event that "shoved me off the cliff" deeper into this obsession of barn saving. I have never spoke of this day, as I feel I witnessed a murder and never did anything about it and still feel shame. It was July 27th, 2010. A couple months after the "About Story".

I was driving along to my next inspection assignment, and I was lost....this was the early days, when Garmin would take you on a wild goose chase. I was on one gravel road, then another, then another. I was so lost.....then I passed by a scene that felt like, slow motion out of a horror movie. A back hoe parked next to a Grand White Barn! As I drove by I said "Oh No" out loud, tears came to my eyes as I knew what was about to happen. I continued to the next intersection, I put my car in park and began to plan......I was going to go back and lay down in front of the barn! I was going to save it! I imagined running to the workers and yelling you are making a mistake! I felt so helpless, why was I seeing this? What am was suppose to do? I knew what was about to happen and it would happen weather I tried to stop them or not. The truth was there was nothing I could do. So with tears in my eyes, I went back, they had already taken the first bite from the barn and the end was set into motion. So, I photographed it with tears rolling down my face.

Ten years later I know why I witnessed that moment. So I could share it with you. And to tell everyone that will listen, that barns are useful, valuable and deserve to be saved! I would love to hear about your barn saving stories and share them with the Barn Addict followers. Reach out to me by email or phone. barnaddict@gmail.com 712-334-4469

Or become a Barn Addict member, it's free. Keep following along because we are going to save some barns together!

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