Saving The Barn at Halo Hill Farm. Part 5

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Looking back at the four blogs about this barn, a person would conclude that the end had come for this massive barn. After all, she fell, collapsed under the weight of ice and snow. But she left a sign of what should come next. A sign of hope. The roof rafters imploded, with the exception of a cross, a cross left to keep hope alive, on Christmas Eve no less.

Many events have transpired since her great collapse. People have came, one after another, many offering advise… tear down, burn, rebuild, salvage, or sell the wood. People wanting bits and pieces of the old girl like vultures. The caretakers, Chehalis and Arthur knew this was not the way!

As the word spread of her collapse, like most tragedies, the right people will appear to illuminate the way. In this case, the direction was led by the "Barn Guy," Bryon Perona of Country Craftsmen. A tough and angelic man wearing a straw hat came onto the scene saying (the exact opposite of what the others had said.) “She is in good shape and I can save her!”

So the process began and is continuing to this day.

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Make some popcorn and enjoy this 5 minute video Chehalis created of the greatest comeback, no one could have predicted.

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