This is MY Story, The Barn at Halo Hill Farm. Part 2

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

This is a picture of me, in 2016.

You can't tell by looking at me here. But at one time I was strong, able to serve my family and the animals I sheltered.

In this picture, you see, I no longer serve anyone. I have been left alone. I am in need of great care. The kind of care I gave my family for over 100 years. I need protection, the kind that I provided the animals, their food and equipment. I kept this farm alive and going strong. Now, I need someone to be strong for me. I ache from the weight of old hay left behind, now wet and rotting. Holes in my roof, shingles are torn from me with each storm that comes to pass. My siding is falling away, falling like leaves from a tree in autumn. I have been forgotten. I have been left to slowly crumble and I have no reason to continue, no purpose. I am seen by most as not suitable for a modern farm. Too small to protect the equipment and herd size of today. But too big and costly to maintain. I’ve been discarded.

Over the years, they have walk past me with their heads down, trying not to look at me. Trying not to notice that one more piece of me has scattered in the wind. I am crumbling. Why? My purpose was so very important. I was the heart and soul of the farm. How could they choose to ignore me? All I can do is hope, hope for a second chance, a chance to prove I am still useful.

Despite all of my missing pieces, I am still beautiful. I know I am, because that’s what they say. Occasionally, someone will enter my doors, I hear them gasp in awe. They see my strong native lumber and perfectly placed timbers. I am center stage for all to see. Now crumbling and wasting away, but wanting to be useful again. So I wait……..

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