Who would save me? The Barn at Halo Hill. Part 3

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Part 3, 2015

My hopes of having a family have come true! A couple has moved into the old farm house. Chehalis was here as a child, she has visited often over the years and now she has finally come home to me. Arthur has come home with her. They are both world renowned Artists! I am very proud to have them as my caretakers.

Since moving here, they often walk through my doors, announcing their dreams and plans to save me. Finally, someone sees my worth, they believe in me! Chehalis and Arthur have said, because of my condition and my large scale the task will be very difficult. I hope they do not give up on me, as my previous caretakers have.

Their goals for me are exciting. They want to share my beauty with others. They said if they are able to save me, I will have new purpose, more important than any before. I will no longer sit empty, nor shelter cows and farm equipment. My new purpose would be to protect art, host celebrations with my grandeur. I will be full of people enjoying themselves, learning about art, being entertained, eating and dancing. I will feel useful once again, I will have purpose and value. After all, at one time, I was the most important thing on this farm. I want to feel that way again.

While I wait to be repaired, they come to me often, they say I am a place to rest, think, and create. Chehalis loves to take pictures of me with her clients. She creates art using my weathered wood, shadows and deep textures.

Arthur placed a hammock between my strong beams to take naps here. He sometimes plays his instrument in my loft….loving the music we make together.

They both have fallen in love with me, my beauty and the dream of what I can be. I hope they will help me soon. My condition is failing and they do not have as much time as they believe.

This is such an inspiring story with a devastating twist. I wonder how many of us would give up on The Barn at Halo Hill Farm? I believe she has the perfect owners.

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