Winter Wonderland

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

This image was taken early in my barn hunting career. I no idea, as I was sliding around on the back roads of South Dakota, that this image was going to launch me into a new path in life.

I had rescheduled my appointment two times prior. At the time, I could be described as an Insurance Inspector/Real Estate Agent/Single Mother/self proclaimed Barn Addict. Little did I know that my deadline to complete this assignment was going to be the same day as an extreme ice storm. So, slip sliding my way to South Dakota. Going no faster than 30 mph, gave me a few chances to capture some amazing sights. One of those happened to be my top selling image and "THE image" that would actually start my journey to saving barns and selling my Barn Addict Art.

Never since, have I seen an ice build up this thick...The air was heavy with a numbing silence that comes only when everything is weighed down with ice. Such a memorable experience. I tried to return to see if this barn is still standing before my move to Tennessee. Unfortunately the spring flooding prevented me from one last shot. The fate of this barn will remain a mystery.

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